Limezone Wi-Fi

Limezone Wi-Fi


As part of our strong commitment to provide quality and efficient communication solutions to communities in Sierra Leone, Onlime has deployed Limezone, FREE Wi-Fi hotspots across Freetown. This is an ongoing program to expand our Internet coverage including to other cities and towns across Sierra Leone.

Limezone is a FREE Wi-Fi service delivered to communities by Onlime. Our aim is to connect the unconnected and underserved population through free Internet access at selected locations to improve connectivity, commerce, education, health, e-governance and also help build a strong social community with a rich culture of diversity and inclusion.

Onlime is an active player in supporting the national digitisation agenda and access to connectivity, thus, we are driving the transformation of Freetown into a smart city. Residents in Freetown can now have access to high-speed Internet in multiple locations across the city 24/7.

Since 2005, Onlime has been committed to providing quality Internet service to businesses and homes in Sierra Leone; Onlime had seen a transformation of the Internet landscape from the early days when the country was connected via VSAT to the outside world, to the new era of explosive digital transformation – Sierra Leone is connected to ACE, the Africa Coast to Europe submarine cable, and now delivering high-speed fibre broadband. We actively participated in its development and took the lead as a founder shareholder of SALCAB, the Sierra Leone Cable Company.

Onlime’s mission is to connect the unconnected and underserved population through the creation of FREE Wi-Fi hotspots to make the country more open and connected to the world.

Limezone Wi-Fi is an Onlime-led initiative with the aim of delivering:

  • Free Internet access to major communities, city centres, towns, universities and schools
  • The same opportunities that the currently connected <5% of Sierra Leone to as many others as possible
  • Connectivity to under-served communities to foster commerce, education, health, and e-governance

Onlime established the Limezone Wi-Fi initiative to focus on accelerating the national pace of Internet connectivity by developing, testing and launching small-scale IP networks. This service delivery model offers communities that have rather limited or no connectivity with free and reliable Internet access. Onlime has invested in these innovative technologies that enable a new data penetration and coverage approach.

We will not only provide the technology infrastructure, but also help to build a rich community of culture, diversity, and inclusion through our community social networking platform and promote business and trade by connecting business and their target audiences through our LimeClick advertising platform which allows businesses and individuals to deliver digital ads to a specific audiences at any given time.

Limezone Wi-Fi Key Features

FREE Internet Services

The provision of Free Internet Services allows people to download Limey Social Network App and browse the growing number of Onlime powered websites for selected market information but not limited to vehicles, real-estate, tourism, hotels, travel, classified ads, health, employment, professional services and other websites without data charges and without purchase of a data plan.

LimeClick Advertising

The Limezone FREE Wi-Fi service provides a unique convergence point of businesses and their target audiences. This gives businesses, governments agencies, NGOs and anyone who is need of reaching many people to deliver information in the form of digital banner ads directly to the screens of the millions Wi-Fi users across all hotspots.

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Limezone is a FREE Wi-Fi that supports local advertising that may be inconvenient if you are working or trying to watch something, without being disturbed. For those customers who require a good quality uninterrupted Internet, we have launched our LimezonePAY platform where you can enjoy a stable Internet connection by buying a voucher.


Below is the list of Limezone activated Wi-Fi zones. Please visit this page on a regular basis to check the new locations we are adding or check our map for the nearest Wi-Fi hotspot to you.

We invite you to get in touch with us with your suggestions where our next Wi-Fi spots should be located, we will go there with you.


Requirements & Responsibilities

Business Overview

Onlime is committed to building a sustainable business model to provide Wi-Fi access to unconnected and under-connected communities. To ensure the sustainability of this model, Limezone Wi-Fi team is very focused on the economics of this service offering and all stakeholders involved. Creating a compelling service where end consumers find value and are willing to pay for this service are core to this model, as well as incentives for the retailer/entrepreneur to grow their business in the local community.

Hosts / Partners

Partners/Hosts are an essential component to the overall value chain for this model. Their ability to market, educate their end customer will directly impact their level of success.

An important aspect for hosts and partners is actively educating their local community/market. Sharing use cases that are individually relevant will go a long way in increasing digital literacy as a whole. As Limezone Wi-Fi evolves, we hope to create simple programmes that empower partner to be key influencers in their communities/markets on why the internet is a valuable resource and how each person can benefit from this for a variety of reasons – education, health services/information, business, news, weather, sports, messaging/communication, social community, etc.

Reseller Operations Plan – Desired Host Profile:

  1. Host the AP (or set of APs) selected as a business model location; ideally a resident or business owner of the community
  2. Previous experience selling products or services to the community
  3. Current mobile phone or internet/data user, or familiarity with these tools and processes
  4. Willingness to agree to/abide by the Host responsibilities & partner agreement (hosting Wi-Fi + educating consumers)
  5. Mission alignment: desire to improve connectivity for the local community members
  6. Willingness to work closely with first time Internet/device users in the community
  7. Language/literacy considerations as to reasonably allow the reseller to conduct his/her responsibilities

Become a Wi-Fi Host

Entrepreneurs and business people can become Limezone Host. As a host you can leverage on Limezone as a programmatic digital channel to enhance your brand equity, drive product and customer acquisition.

Onlime will be responsible for all equipment, installation and marketing cost.

Contact us from the below numbers and we will send a team member to you.

Want to know more? Call us now on +232 76 888885 / +232 30 888885 or email

* Terms and Conditions of the offer:

1. Limezone Wi-Fi is FREE.
2. Every user will receive FREE 2 hour FREE BROWSING upon login .
3. Free 2 hours is valid for 1 day.
4. There maybe be restriction to accessing certain websites as per regulatory requirement.
5. Users take responsibilities of information they share on the internet while using the Wi-Fi.
6. Onlime will not be liable for any kind of loss or damage incurred as a result of use of the limezone Wi-Fi.
7. Users are advised to install antivirus and firewall on their devices to block unwanted traffic and potentially malicious files.
8. Onlime collects basic information about the users in order to continue providing quality services and improving the user experience.
9. Onlime shall not disclose the personal information about users to any external persons or entities.

You can read the full version of Terms and Conditions when you login to the Limezone portal.