Designed for customers with up to 200 users


If you need the hardware we can provide everything from the PBX to the IP Phones to suit your budget. The phones are delivered fully configured and ready to use and we will provide as much support as you need during installation and on-going operations. You will be able to login to your own account at our customer portal and view your full call history as well as the record of your payments. We offer exible packages with no fixed contract as we would rather have you stay with us as a customer because you want to, and not because you had to.

Why Onlime IP-PBX?

  • The latest innovative and feature-rich Onlime IP-PBX is designed for enterprise customers with up to 200 users
  • The Onlime IP-PBX is designed to operate in a pure VoIP mode or with the addition of our optional functionality it can operate in VoIP/PSTN or VoIP/GSM modes
  • The IP-PBX has all the features of an enterprise class server that you would expect – powerful, easy to use and cost-effective


If you already have your own IP-PBX but are not happy with the quality of the calls, we can provide the SIP trunks and work with you to migrate your service to the Onlime platform. If your users have smartphones, Onlime will provide you with Apps from App Store and Google Play and they will be free to make calls, within your network/corporation.

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