As a way to continue providing high speed quality Internet to the masses as well create more business opportunities for Limezone hosts and youth entrepreneurs, Onlime is introducing LimezonePAY, a public paid for Wi-Fi that will be available across all the 55 Limezone hotspots across Freetown.

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To access LimezonePAY Wi-Fi, visit one of our hotspots, connect to the LimezonePAY Wi-Fi and enter the top code sent to you by the vendor.

Limezone top up bundles

10GB Bundle

Get 10 GB of data for Le 50,000
(Validity: 7 days)

One can buy LimezonePAY top up from any of our Resellers and Agents and use it at any of the 55 hotspots across Freetown.

LimezonePAY has three Key Distributors (Resellers) who have several Agents across all hotspots locations to ensure LimezonePAY is always available.

LimezonePAY Key Distributors (Resellers)

Reseller Address Phone
Mustapha Kamara Total Congo Cross 078 605829
Esheka Sidibay 63 Campbell Street 076 586222

Our Resellers has a very wide Agent network across all our hotspots location to make access to LimezonePAY top up easy and always available.

Want to know more? Call us now on 076 888885 / 030 888885 or email

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