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If you want to take advantage of our competitive rates to call national or international numbers, you’ll need to buy Onlime credits. These are available in several convenient ways.

LimeySL App customers can buy credit online via PayPal, VISA and MasterCard or directly from supermarkets, hotels, electronic stores and other retail shops, or at any mobile money outlets nationwide. Onlime vouchers are available in various denominations on scratch cards and electronic transfers.

Onlime Scratch Cards are available in denominations of Le5000, Le10000 and more. Dial *066*HIDDENCODE# to top-up with your LimeySL App account via scratch card.

E-vouchers – Onlime top-up is also available on e-voucher, and e-vouchers are available at Onlime branded outlets nationwide. You can top-up as low as Le1,000 to enjoy the amazing world of freedom.

Mobile Money – buy electronic vouchers through mobile money network. Go to any retail shop or mobile Money Agent, request your preferred amount of top-up, and pay with cash. Your new balance will be re ected on your Onlime app as a confirmation of credit transfer, or buy direct from your mobile wallet.


Top Up Now

Airtel Money

  1. Select Airtel Money
  2. Make payment
  3. Pay bills
  4. Select Onlime
  5. Enter amount
  6. Enter phone number
  7. And click pay


  1. Go to
  2. Enter the phone number you would like to top up
  3. Enter the scratch card code in the required field
  4. DONE!

VISA / MasterCard / PayPal

  1. Register or log in to your account at
  2. Select top-up
  3. Click payment method and enter debit/credit card information
  4. Click Pay/Buy. Simple!

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