VSAT Services

VSAT Services

Onlime and its partner service providers deliver reliable and scalable Internet solutions to enterprises worldwide.
Our Enterprise Class solutions include high capacity point-to-point links for delivery of Internet to mobile operators, ISPs, as well as to enterprises with high data requirements and are both exible and scalable to cope with growth within your organisation. We guarantee you a quality connection and 24/7 support from our multilingual Network Operations Centre (NOC).
We can provide dedicated links to your site or create a pool of bandwidth to deliver contended services across several sites.

Fibre Restoration

Fibre offers the fastest speeds, high capacity and lowest latency connectivity around the world but sometimes it breaks and in many areas of the developing world there is no backup. Onlime can deliver terrestrial and fibre solutions to ensure you stay connected 24/7.

Cellular Backhaul

Satellite connectivity has changed the potential to deliver cellular communications to the rural populations of the developing world. The biggest obstacle in the developing world remains how to avoid building endless towers and base stations in locations that don’t serve communities purely to provide the backhaul to genuinely remote communities.
Cellular providers now have a cost-effective backhaul solution, which allows carriers to share network capacity across multiple locations, allocating bandwidth on demand to maximise efficiency. Operators can significantly reduce operating expenses and expand the reach of their network.

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