Data into dollars?

You probably have an existing business selling communication services as an Internet Service Provider, a VSAT service provider or installer, a call-shop owner or you are an entrepreneur with diverse interests. Whatever your business is your customers expect you to provide them with a first rate quality of service. In short, you need a partner who delivers a reliable service day in, day out, delivers the service you contracted to receive and who is there to support you 24/7.

Onlime offers a comprehensive and fully flexible range of enterprise quality communications services and we are actively seeking reseller partners for VSAT and Voice to develop our business and yours.

VSAT Solutions

At Onlime we believe in being closer to our customers, to deliver quality services and to provide market leading customer service and support. We work closely with our reseller partners who have experience on the ground and who we can support to provide a range of services that you may not have access to now or from providers which are unreliable, too expensive or don’t deliver the service you expect. We are always keen to establish new partnerships with reliable and dependable resellers.

Onlime offers a wide range of Internet and data services and we will work with you to develop proposals to select the most cost effective solution for your customers’ requirements, whether it is a small fixed iDirect® system or an SCPC installation for larger entities requiring higher data speeds.

The VSAT can connect back to our teleport in Germany and then out to the Internet, or if your customers are part of a larger group, we can connect them directly to their corporate network anywhere in the world through dedicated circuits or MPLS out of our Teleport or out of one of our other European POPs in London, Frankfurt and Amsterdam for both voice and data.

At Onlime our solutions feature the latest modem technology. We provide an end-to-end fully Managed Service, which includes 24/7 monitoring, monthly reporting and Service Level Agreements guaranteeing the highest level of availability.

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Voice Solutions

Onlime’s Enterprise Voice service ensures cost effective business quality communications over satellite or fibre.

Onlime delivers the complete package, from a single phone at a remote location to a centralised multi-site solution for voice, video conferencing and IM capability and even smart phone apps for users on the go. Calls on the same PBX would be free of charge and national and international calls are charged at competitive rates. We can provide a system for you to manage and control or have it all managed for you through our European multilingual 24/7 NOC.

The Voice Reseller Program provides each of our Reseller Partners with the information and incentives to successfully compete in their target market. You will have access to your own Reseller portal to give you the real time status of each of your customers, including payment and call history, and current balance. All our accounts are prepaid so you don’t need to worry about chasing your customers for unpaid invoices. You can focus on sales.

We provide 24/7 technical support and we can deal with any problems quickly and efficiently. You can be sure that you are selling a quality product backed by professional customer service so you don’t need to deal with customer complaints.

We own and manage our own infrastructure, which is monitored around the clock. Our systems are fully redundant with fibre and satellite connectivity to ensure we deliver on our promises.

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 Fibre Solutions

With access to extensive fibre connectivity at the Teleport, Onlime can provide Internet access or dedicated MPLS connectivity through our European POPs. Onlime has access to a wide variety of submarine and terrestrial fibre cable and can work with you to develop a fibre solution.

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