Reach for the sky

The Teleport in Hameln, Germany is the technical hub for the Onlime Group. The Teleport has extensive facilities and provides excellent coverage with line of sight to over 200 satellites covering Europe, Africa, Asia, Middle East, the Caribbean and South America. We even provide connectivity to Antarctica. Onward connectivity includes MPLS, Tier 1 Internet and SIP Trunking.

Our solutions feature the latest modem technology including DVB-S2 ACM, bandwidth cancellation and Low Latency LDPC to maximise bandwidth efficiency, enhance reliability and performance.

We can arrange local licensing, installation and maintenance directly or through our network of local partners.


SCPC (Single Channel per Carrier) Services or Point-to-Point links are tailor made for corporate networks, low and high speed IP trunking, cellular backhaul, voice trunking, VoIP and video conferencing. Flexible technology allows deployment of point-to-point, point-to-multipoint, mesh and hybrid solutions to suit all network topologies.

SCPC links deliver secure, reliable connectivity with dedicated bandwidth optimised for application performance and location. Our end-to-end fully Managed Services include 24/7 monitoring, monthly reporting and Service Level Agreements guaranteeing the highest level of availability.


Star Networks

Star topology is a point to multi-point network with each remote site connected by a point-to-point link to a central hub. The hub acts as the central point for management and control. This topology is commonly used by enterprises where the data or voice only flows to the hub site and not between the remotes.

Mesh Networks

A mesh network topology allows one remote VSAT location to communicate with another remote location anywhere on the network without routing through the hub. This type of connection minimizes delay and often is used for very high quality voice and video conferencing applications.





Romantis UHP Services

Onlime operates the latest Romantis UHP Hub from the teleport delivering dedicated SCPC services on Africasat 1A across Africa.

iDirect® Services

iDirect is a central hub technology, ideal for Enterprise clients requiring reliable, cost effective satellite connectivity enabling remote locations to access Tier 1 Internet or MPLS networks through our teleport in Germany.

iDirect is the perfect solution for delivery of smaller broadband Internet links, corporate networks with dedicated private capacity and backup to terrestrial connectivity.

iDirect is designed for IP applications supporting extensive QoS, VLAN, prioritisation, TCP acceleration and incorporates numerous features for enhancing reliability. It is used extensively for VoIP, GSM backhaul, data and video conferencing.

Onlime operates Evolution® networks covering all of Europe, Middle East and Africa in C and Ku-band. See the coverage map for details.

Virtual Network Operators/Customer Network Observer (VNO/CNO)

iDirect hubs include the ability for third parties to remotely manage their own networks. This includes managing bandwidth at each site on a corporate network, or more frequently for Resellers and Virtual Network Operators who have a large number of customer sites.

Remote Hub Management

Onlime provides full management of remote iDirect hubs from its 24/7 NOC facility in Germany.

Value Added Services

MPLS over Satellite

Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) is widely employed as a solution for delivering QoS (Quality-of-Service) on IP-based networks. Compatibility between satellite networks and terrestrial networks is an essential feature of MPLS solutions. Onlime can provide MPLS over SCPC and iDirect links.

WAN Optimisation

Onlime will ensure Business Critical Applications operate with performance guarantees and we offer solutions to optimise the performance of your connection, using Quality of Service (QoS), so that for example, voice calls receive priority over web-browsing.

TCP Acceleration and Cache

The high latency of a satellite link results in slower throughput for applications using TCP such as FTP and web browsing and Onlime can advise on options to mitigate this through TCP acceleration. In addition, if you access the same data regularly, local cache servers can save up to 25% of your bandwidth.

Virtual Private Networks (VPN)

An end-to-end VPN provides maximum security and the best performance for a true end-to-end secure connection.

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