Pulling it together

Our range of end-to-end Managed Services extends to the seamless integration of WAN functionality optimised to deliver secure reliable communications whether over satellite or on fibre. Designing, building out and managing complex global networks is a core function of our business, and getting it right from the beginning can transform your business.

Onlime offers a comprehensive and fully flexible range of enterprise quality communications services and understands your critical need for reliable connectivity. We monitor, control and provide support 24 hours a day.

Network Design

If the underlying foundations of your network design are solid, you will see the most benefit from the data connectivity. Onlime engineers will be happy to work with you to design or manage any aspects of your network connectivity roll out. We provide expertise and support with switching and routing for MPLS and Managed Internet solutions and support for interconnection with any of our services.

Network Security

When you connect your network to the Internet you add a whole series of security risks to your business, for your staff and your customers. With the installation of our MPLS services, whether over fibre or satellite, you can rest assured your services will be secure.

Network Management

The move towards greater cloud infrastructure and data centre consolidation is putting more and more pressure on the global network as business and home users alike are increasingly accessing centralised applications. It is all the more important to make sure that your MPLS or Managed Internet connection to the outside world is properly and professionally managed and the Onlime team are there to ensure that happens.


Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) is widely employed as a solution for delivering QoS (Quality-of-Service) on IP-based networks. Compatibility between satellite networks and terrestrial networks is an essential feature of MPLS solutions. Onlime can provide and configure the routers necessary to deliver MPLS over fibre, SCPC and iDirect links.

WAN Optimisation

Onlime will ensure Business Critical Applications operate with performance guarantees and we offer solutions to optimise the performance of your connection, using Quality of Service (QoS), so that for example, voice calls receive priority over web browsing.

TCP Acceleration

The high latency of a satellite link results in slower throughput for applications using TCP such as FTP and web browsing and Onlime can advise on options to mitigate this through TCP acceleration.

Cache Servers

If you access the same data regularly, local cache servers can save up to 25% of your bandwidth and Onlime has custom solutions to cache web traffic and video.

Virtual Private Networks (VPN)

An end-to-end VPN provides maximum security and the best performance for a true end-to-end secure connection.

DNS Servers

If you want to have more control over the functionality of your network, Onlime can assist with the set up and operation of your own DNS servers. No need to leave this to chance with a third party.

Onlime has extensive knowledge on the set up and operation of a wide variety of Network Services and makes those skills available to our customers if required.

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