Cellular backhaul for the back-woods?

Your customers rely on you to provide them with quality voice and data connectivity 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and they expect it everywhere, even in the most remote towns and villages. In short, you need a provider for your backhaul who delivers a reliable service day in, day out, delivers the bandwidth you are contracted to receive, at sensible prices and who is there to support you 24/7.

Whether it is cellular backhaul to remote base stations, IP trunking for your main network or fibre restoration services, Onlime understands the need for reliable connectivity.

Satellite Solutions

Cellular Backhaul

Satellite connectivity has changed the potential to deliver cellular communications to the rural populations of the developing world. The biggest obstacle in the developing world remains how to avoid building endless towers and base stations in locations that don’t serve communities purely to provide the backhaul to genuinely remote communities. Cellular providers now have a cost-effective backhaul solution with iDirect® IP-based D-TDMA hub, which allows carriers to share network capacity across multiple locations, allocating bandwidth on demand to maximize efficiency.

With iDirect there are unprecedented cost savings which best preserves and protects the cellular traffic to ensure the highest standards of availability and call quality.

By leveraging the efficiencies of an IP platform and iDirect’s shared topology, operators can significantly reduce operating expenses and expand the reach of their network.

For larger backhaul requirements we can install point-to-point SCPC links.

IP Trunking

Onlime provides high capacity point-to-point links for delivery of Internet to mobile operators, ISPs as well as to enterprises with high data requirements. We can offer a variety of solutions in C-band or Ku-band on modern satellites with guaranteed availability. The Teleport in Germany is connected to a number of Tier 1 Internet providers both locally and through our European POPs, so quality is guaranteed.

Fibre Restoration

With the rapid growth of fibre networks in the developing countries a back-up solution is vital to secure continuing communications. In the early stages of fibre expansion, the networks tend to be single thread, which means one break in the chain and the services cease. Fibre restoration via Satellite is ideal to provide the security you need and Onlime can provide you with a very cost effective solution.
At Onlime our solutions feature the latest modem technology. We provide an end-to-end fully Managed Service with MPLS circuits if required, which includes 24/7 monitoring, monthly reporting and Service Level Agreements guaranteeing the highest level of availability.

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Network Services

The Onlime team will be happy to work with you at the early stages of your deployment to make sure we offer you the most effective solution for your requirements. We can assist with design, security, implementation and ongoing network management.

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Voice Solutions

Onlime’s Enterprise Voice service ensures cost effective business quality communications over satellite or fibre.
Onlime has built and operates the latest in softswitch technology and delivers the complete package, from a single phone at a remote location to a centralised multi-site solution for voice, video conferencing and IM capability and even smart phone apps for users on the go.
We have voice and data POPs in London, Frankfurt and Amsterdam where we interconnect with a number of quality international carriers. We focus on enterprise quality termination only and can provide competitive wholesale rates. All our voice services are monitored and managed through our European multilingual 24/7 NOC.

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