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As a leading Business Communications provider, our service doesn’t have to stop at your perimeter fence. Whether it is long-range IP wireless links, camp wireless networks or office building or hotel Wi-Fi, Onlime has an end-to-end solution for your business.

Onlime offers a comprehensive and fully flexible range of enterprise quality communications services and understands your critical need for reliable connectivity. We monitor, control and support 24 hours a day.

We have owned and operated the leading corporate Internet Service Provider in Sierra Leone since 2005. Almost the entire network is wireless based with a mix of rugged, outdoor, long-range backhaul, local area point-to-multipoint base stations and Wi-Fi networks for customers. We provide dedicated bandwidth over the secure wireless network of 100 Mbps to a single customer and have hundreds of customers on the same network.

Internet connectivity for the network was initially supplied by satellite and is now provided over the ACE submarine cable from Europe with satellite backup. Dedicated or shared Internet, or private data circuits (VPN) are then delivered to our corporate customers by secure wireless.  We deliver a wide range of applications to our customers including SWIFT transfers for the banks, the city-wide payment system for the national electricity provider, inter-branch networks, voice applications, hotel management and guest Internet, Government networks, cellular backhaul, video surveillance, remote mining, oil and gas and construction applications and a host of other services. See our Onlime Sierra Leone website for more details (www.onlime.sl).

Our solutions include WiMax, 802.11n, Wi-Fi, microwave, SDH networks in a variety of frequencies to meet your requirements and those of your host country. We have developed our own software applications for management and monitoring of the networks, which include strict authentication systems and enable us to offer comprehensive service level agreements.

We have extensive experience setting up projects in challenging environments, whether they be political, climatic or just a lack of national infrastructure, so whether you are a mine site looking for a comprehensive wireless network, a hotel looking to provide your guests with a reliable Internet service, or an ISP looking for expertise to build out your network, we would welcome the opportunity to develop a tailored solution for your business.


In addition to fixed wireless solutions we also provide portable and handheld terminals including BGAN, satellite phones and trunk radio.

BGAN Terminals:

BGAN terminals are lightweight portable data terminals, ideal for use in remote locations for Governments, military, and remote personnel in such industries as oil and gas, mining, forestry and telecommunications.

We offer four versions of the BGAN terminals as standard and can provide additional models on request:

BGAN Explorer® 300 – Standard IP 240/384 kbps, Streaming IP 32/64 kbps, Ethernet and Bluetooth Interface, Voice RJ-11 or Bluetooth

BGAN Explorer® 500 – Standard IP 448/464 kbps, Streaming IP 32/64/128 kbps, Ethernet, Bluetooth & USB interface, Voice RJ-11 or Bluetooth

BGAN Explorer® 700 – Standard IP up to 492 kbps, Streaming IP 32/64/128/256 kbps or BGAN X-stream 384 kbps, Voice 2 x RJ-11 or Bluetooth

Hughes 9202 – Standard IP up to 464 kbps, Voice 2 x RJ-11, RJ-45 Ethernet and RJ-45 SDN connections

We also provide a full range of BGAN post-paid and pre-paid account facilities.

Thuraya Satellite Phones:

We provide the standard range of Thuraya satellite phones as well as the SatSleeves to fit iPhone 4/5 and Android phones Samsung Galaxy S3/S4.

Thuraya XT – the world’s toughest satellite phone

Thuraya XT Dual – the world’s toughest satellite phone and GSM phone combined.

SatSleeve for iPhone – fits over iPhone 4 or 5

SatSleeve for Android – fits over Samsung Galaxy S3 or S4

We also provide a full range of Thuraya post-paid and pre-paid account facilities

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