Are you well grounded?

The Onlime Teleport was built by Deutsche Telekom in 1987 and is one of the largest in Europe. Named first as the Central European Teleport then shortened to CET Teleport in 2008, it is the technical hub of the Onlime Group.

The Teleport is home to more than 50 satellite antennas from 15 m diameter downwards, sitting on 160 acres of land, and since 2009 has under gone a major program of upgrade and refurbishment in every area of operation. The facility is now state-of-the-art and is delivering quality services across the globe, with line of sight to over 200 satellites between 76.5 degrees east and 55 degrees west, covering almost entirely the earth’s landmass.


The Teleport houses extensive data equipment rooms and hosts a variety of customer equipment from full satellite gateways through iDirect® hubs to single modems, routers, servers and switches. The teleport is ideally situated to expand in this area of the business. The Teleport also provides web and mail hosting for customers all of which are under strict SLAs backed by our 24/7 NOC.

The Teleport hosts the 11m TT&C and 9m gateway antennas for an international satellite operator and provides full service back up for its operation over the 15 year life of the satellite.


In addition to Hosting, we can offer Teleport redundancy and will lease any of our available antennas on a long or short-term basis. We are continually adding to our range of antennas for both C-band and Ku-band, and almost all of the existing antennas have undergone a major program of refurbishment.

Onlime is also open to working with teleport operators to uplink bandwidth for specific projects or to provide independent monitoring services.
At Onlime our solutions feature the latest modem technology. We provide an end-to-end fully Managed Service, which includes 24/7 monitoring, monthly reporting and Service Level Agreements guaranteeing the highest level of availability.

24/7 Network Operations Centre

The Teleport is home to an ultra-modern multilingual and multinational 24/7 Network Operations Centre (NOC). The NOC is responsible for managing and monitoring every aspect of the Teleport operations, and plays a vital and proactive role in making sure that our customers receive the highest level of technical support.

We monitor our customer’s services around the clock and communicate promptly to resolve any issues.

Project Management

A key part of the Onlime commitment is to ensure that we deliver what we promise. We have a dedicated Project Management team based in Hameln and in our UK offices whose responsibility it is to make sure deadlines are met; budgets are adhered to; and we deliver the highest quality of service expected of us.

Remote Support

We are very much aware of the need to be “close to our customers” and have either set out to have our own support staff on the ground or have built up a network of highly reliable support engineers in the countries and territories where we operate. Remote support is coordinated by our 24/7 NOC and you can rely on us to respond promptly or within timeframes specified in your SLA.

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