Acceptable Use Policy

  1. Introduction

By using an Onlime Service (each a “Service”), you as a customer of an Onlime Service acknowledges that you have read, understood and agree to comply with this Acceptable Use and Fair Usage Policy (the “Acceptable Use Policy”). You are also responsible for ensuring that any person you allow to use the Service also complies with this Acceptable Use Policy. Onlime reserves the right where feasible to implement technical mechanisms to prevent any violation of this Acceptable Use Policy, without notifying you in advance of the details of any such mechanisms.

  1. Unacceptable Uses of the Services

The following are unacceptable uses of the Services:

(i) transmitting, storing or distributing of any material or content where such action would violate any local, state or international laws including, without limitation, laws prohibiting child pornography; obscenity; discrimination (including (without limitation) racial, gender or religious slurs) and hate speech; or speech designed to incite violence or hatred, or threats to cause bodily harm;

(ii) creating or transmitting (other than for properly supervised and lawful research purposes) any offensive, obscene or indecent images, data or other material, or any data capable of being resolved into obscene or indecent images or material;

(iii) transmitting, storing or distributing any material or content where such action violates any intellectual property laws including laws concerning local and international copyright, trademarks and/or trade secrets;

(iv) using the Services in any way that would or might circumvent the user authentication or security of any host, network or account (“cracking” or “hacking”);

(v) forging or attempting to forge any TCP-IP packet header (spoofing) or any part of the header information in an email or a newsgroup posting;

(vi) any attempt to use the Services in a way that breaches or would breach the security of another user’s account or that gains or would gain access to any other person’s computer, software, or data or otherwise threaten another person’s privacy, without the knowledge and consent of such person;

(vii) any activity which threatens to disrupt the Services through “denial of service attacks”; flooding of a network, or overloading a service or any unauthorized probes of other networks;

(viii) any unsolicited mass mailing activity including direct marketing; spam and chain letters for commercial or other purposes, without the prior consent of the recipients of those mails;

(ix) any failure to secure a server that is connected via the Services to the Internet against being abused by third parties as an open relay or open proxy;

(x) Any other use which, although not expressly mentioned herein, is similar or analogous to a specified unacceptable use;

(xi) any other use which Onlime, exercising its reasonable discretion, from time to time determines and notifies to you in writing constitutes an unacceptable use.

  1. Onlime Monitoring of the Services

Onlime has no obligation to monitor the Services, and accepts no responsibility or liability to you or to any person for the content of any communications that are transmitted by or made available to you or to any users. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Onlime reserves the right to monitor the Services from time to time, and to edit or remove any content that it deems to be in breach of this Acceptable Use Policy, or which it otherwise considers harmful or offensive, in its sole discretion. Onlime also reserves the right to disclose information regarding use of the Services, to the authorities, including any objectionable materials, your communications with Onlime and your personally identifiable information, for investigation and prosecution, and you hereby consent to such forwarding.

  1. Fair Usage (Home Services)

Using a Home account for high volume or commercial use (for example, revenue generation, advertising, etc.) is prohibited.

  1. Fair Usage (Voice over Internet Protocol (“VoIP” Services)

Onlime reserves the right to terminate any VoIP call, which lasts for more than sixty minutes. Users may immediately place the call again if required.

  1. Onlime Remedies for Breach of this Acceptable Use Policy

6.1 If Onlime discovers use of its Services is in violation of this Acceptable Use Policy, it may suspend your account without prior notice until the unacceptable use has ceased and Onlime has received a written undertaking (to its reasonable satisfaction) that you have taken all steps required to ensure that the unacceptable use does not reoccur. Where such assurances are not promptly received, Onlime reserves the right to terminate your account permanently.

6.2 Onlime also reserves the right to recover from you its reasonable administrative costs associated with investigating any breach of this Acceptable Use Policy and/or preventing further breaches by you.