Onlime brings together the solid technical expertise of CET Teleport in Germany with the extensive developing world experience of the Limeline Group to lead the way in high quality, secure and reliable business communications for enterprise customers across the globe.

The Teleport, which started operations in 1987, sits in the most northerly east-west valley in Germany with the widest possible arc of visibility providing access to over 200 geostationary satellites. It’s extensive coverage across Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Central Asia through the Caribbean and South America, as well as dedicated access to a growing network of international fibre cables, means you are almost certainly within our coverage area. The Teleport is the technical hub of the Onlime Group and is a fully manned disaster recovery facility with a help desk running 24/7.

The members of the team that formed Limeline Group in 2005 have considerable experience in many areas of the developing world, having set up successful businesses in Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Argentina, Brazil and built up operations in some 26 countries in Africa. This in-depth knowledge has been a key factor in the growth of Limeline and the development of the philosophy of being “closer to the customer”.

The Onlime Group now has a dedicated team of professionals based in offices in Germany, the United Kingdom, India, Sierra Leone, Angola, DR Congo, South Africa and U.A.E and we are confident we will deliver our customers the peace of mind of knowing wherever they may be doing business, whatever time of day or night a rapid response is guaranteed.

Onlime provides premium quality connectivity to enterprise, government, military, oil & gas, mining, banking, NGO and many other customer groups across the globe.

We are proud to be members of the following organisations:

The Global VSAT Forum is an association of key companies involved in the business of delivering advanced digital fixed satellite systems and services to consumers, and commercial and government enterprises worldwide. The Forum is independent and non-profit and has a global remit. It is also non-partisan – any companies or organisations with an interest in the VSAT industry are encouraged to join.

World Teleport Association (WTA) is a non-profit trade association of teleports, satellite and terrestrial carriers, technology providers, investment houses and consultants in twenty nations around the world. For members, WTA is the global body that promotes their interests, researches their market, and connects them with sales opportunities and strategic allies around the world.

From its inception Onlime has always ranked high in WTA’s industry-recognised annual lists of Top Teleport Operators: the Independent Top Twenty and the Fast Twenty list.

Onlime won the 2015 Independent Teleport of the Year Award established by WTA for excellence in the field of teleport operations, development and technology.