Since 2005, Onlime has been committed to providing quality Internet service to businesses and homes in Sierra Leone; Onlime had seen a transformation of the Internet landscape from the early days when the country was connected via VSAT to the outside world, to the new era of explosive digital transformation – Sierra Leone is connected to ACE, the Africa Coast to Europe submarine cable, and now delivering high-speed fibre broadband. We actively participated in its development and took the lead as a founder shareholder of SALCAB, the Sierra Leone Cable Company.

Onlime’s mission is to connect the unconnected and underserved population through the creation of FREE Wi-Fi hotspots to make the country more open and connected to the world.

Limezone Wi-Fi is an Onlime-led initiative with the aim of delivering:

  • Free Internet access to major communities, city centres, towns, universities and schools
  • The same opportunities that the currently connected <5% of Sierra Leone to as many others as possible
  • Connectivity to under-served communities to foster commerce, education, health, and e-governance

Onlime established the Limezone Wi-Fi initiative to focus on accelerating the national pace of Internet connectivity by developing, testing and launching small-scale IP networks. This service delivery model offers communities that have rather limited or no connectivity with free and reliable Internet access. Onlime has invested in these innovative technologies that enable a new data penetration and coverage approach. We will not only provide the technology infrastructure, but also help to build a rich community of culture, diversity, and inclusion through the introduction of community social networking platform.

Limezone Wi-Fi Key Features

FREE Internet Services

The provision of Free Internet Services allows people to download Onlime Voice App, browse FindMeOnlime, browse Onlime’s growing number of powered sites for selected market information but not limited to real-estate, tourism, hotels, travel, classified ads, health, employment, professional services and other websites without data charges and without purchase of a data plan.