Below is the list of Limezone activated Wi-Fi zones.

Please visit this page on a regular basis to check the new locations we are adding or check our map for the nearest Wi-Fi hotspot to you.

# Location: Zone
1. O’Casey’s Bar (Lumley beach) West
2. Layat Fast Food (2 Regent Road Lumley) West
3. Keystone Bank Lumley (14 Freetown Road Lumley) West
4. Keystone Bank HQ (3 Rawdon Street Freetown ) Central
5. Marc Pharmacy West
6. Sea Coach Express Aberdeen Jetty West
7. Sea Coach Express Lungi Jetty Lungi
8. Sea Coach Express Airport Terminal Lungi
9. Crown Express (125 Wilkinson road Freetown) West
10. Crown Bakery (4 Wilberforce street Freetown) Central
11. Limkokwing University (56 Regent Road Hill Station) West
12. IAMTECH College (Kissy Dockyard Freetown) East
13. Dee Masters Beauty & Barbing Saloon (64 Wilkinson Road Freetown) West
14. Basha Bakery & Restaurant (73 Wilkinson Road Freetwon) West
15. Vybz Entertainment (Wilkinson Road Freetwon) West
16. Gigibonta Italian Ice cream & cofee shop (Lumley Beach Freetown) West
17. Frenzy view (33 Wilkinson Road Freetown) West
18. Tessa’s Restaurant (13 Wilkinson Road Freetown) West
19. Total Gas Station (congo cross filing station) West
20. UTB (Howe street/light foot boston Freetown) Central
21. Ecomed Laboratory and Clinic (19 Off Kingharman road Freetown) West
22. 2Guys Bar & Entertainment Spot (71 Wilkinson Road Freetown) West

We invite you to get in touch with us with your suggestions where our next Wi-Fi spots should be located, we will go there with you.

T: 076 888885 / 030 888885

E: info@onlime.sl

* Terms and Conditions of the offer:

  1. Limezone is a Free WiFi service powered by Onlime
  2. There maybe be restriction to accessing certain websites as per regulatory requirement
  3. Users take responsibilities of information they share on the Internet while using the Wi-Fi
  4. Onlime will not be liable for any kind of loss or damage incurred as a result of use of the Limezone Wi-Fi
  5. Onlime has no responsibility for any content uploaded or downloaded by users through the Wi-Fi hotspots
  6. Users are advised to install antivirus and firewall on their devices to block unwanted traffic and potentially malicious files
  7. Onlime collects basic information about the users in order to continue providing quality services and improving the user experience
  8. Onlime shall not disclose the personal information about users to any external persons or entities