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Thursday 10th September 2015

Onlime Amplifies AFRICASAT-1a Uplink

Aerzen, 11 September 2015: Onlime does not rest on its laurels winning the Independent Teleport of the Year Award but continues to invest into network facilities and company infrastructure.

The newly installed state-of-the-art, high power C-band modular HPA from General Dynamics SATCOM Technologies is now providing substantial uplink capacity on AFRICASAT-1a with high reliability and switchless redundancy - DVB-S2X READY. The high-power ModuMAX amplifier is installed on one of our 15m C-band antenna, making it the most reliable uplink on MEASAT’s AFRICASAT-1a satellite, thanks to the largest uplink antenna looking at this satellite and the latest technology powerful amplifier.

The new HPA allows for a switchless redundancy, configurable RF output power and extremely low MTTR using interchangeable RF plug-in modules. High linearity makes it ideal for IP trunking and fibre restoration services using full range of higher spectral efficiency supported by DVB-S2X.

Paul Ziegler, Onlime CEO added, “Our Enterprise clients rely on us to deliver their business critical connectivity and our new investment adds extensive uplink capacity to our growing data services business across Africa. C-band has always been used where reliability is paramount and we are pleased to deploy cutting edge technology and introduce new higher levels of reliability and quality of service for our customers.”